Laissez faire

Today I woke up for finding out the sunrise would be at 7:48am
Isn't that great? Even the dearest lamb got late
And for that I stayed in underwear, dancing alone on the haunted room
Dragging my feet over all the dirt and broken tiles until I got enough
To touch the switch and let the electricity shock me a little
Once that
the world and its mean people
Do not get me impressed anymore.

Mediocrity is the new sexy, baby
Come on
Chasing money to freedom
We all dress to get undressed
Forever expires in 6 months
And society became as liquid
As my Fireball.

Blue agave, premium turf, chardonnay
Cheap moonshine too.

Art can only be conceived by sexual intercourse
Between will and hope
And when they fuck, oh boy I gotta tell ya
Pretty twins are born
And their names are laze and despair.